When life gives you lemons…make lemonade!


So…I’ve been pondering over how I could take a talent and turn it into positive cash flow.  This is something I am constantly trying to figure out.   While I was going through this period of decisions, I was in the middle of planning a party for my husband and decided to create a photo slideshow to honor him.  Still not realizing what God planned for me, I continued to analyze and review numerous business options, but still nothing was working out.  Finally, Mother’s day was approaching and I was on my way to my son’s school for the annual spa day for mom and I heard Boyz to Men “A Song For Mama” playing on the radio.  Instantly, I had a strange urge to go home and create a photo slideshow for my mother.  After completing this slideshow, I was impressed with the final product.  Finally, my eyes were opened and I was able to see exactly what was intended for me to see.

Sometimes in life, we are looking for a direct answer to our questions; however, things are not always as clear as we would like for them to be.  You MUST always believe in yourself and follow your DREAMS.  That’s how I took lemons and made lemonade!

CHECK OUT MY VIDEO SLIDESHOW.   For business inquiries, please contact me directly using my contact page or email me @ bess4success@gmail.com.

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