My La La Leggings Review

So…since I had baby girl 16 months ago I can’t get enough of active wear! You just can’t believe how comfortable and convenient it is to wear! This my friends is the perfect balance for a busy mama of 4 who’s just trying to live her Best Life!

Any WHO… on with this review! So as I was searching countless websites for affordable leggings and active wear, I stumbled upon this website. I was looking for BUTTER SOFT leggings that wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg (haha). Additionally I wanted not only solid colors, but was interested in some fun and playful patterns. What I love most about this company is that every Friday new designs are released and there is a legging for every season or occasion.

These leggings are ultra-stretchy, super soft and are made with 92% polyester and 8 % spandex. Let’s talk about that peach skin fabric that hugs your body for pure comfort. These are so soft–you can sleep in them!

Holiday Leggings

Sizing: So I picked up the OS, but they also come in Curvy, Extra Curvy, Extra Curvy and in kid/baby sizes.

Baby Shark Leggings in Kids size

So after picking up my 1st pair and loving them so much…I instantly became a super FAN! I guess you can figure this out already. Should I KEEP it or TOSS it????

If you’re interested in picking a pair or 2 here’s the website …tell them Donnell sent you!!!

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