So…I tried Vital Proteins Collagen Water!

Okay…so as I was browsing the aisles of the shopping store I stumbled upon Vital Proteins! I have always been a collagen user, but never heard of this brand. I was totally amazed with the variety of flavors, but was still very skeptical on spending a whopping $16.99 for a 4 pack!!! That’s right ladies and gents (insert the eye roll here)!!!

Surprisingly, the Blueberry Mint flavor was on clearance for $8.48– this should have been my first warning (haha)! I grabbed the last 4 pack like I had just won the lotto–Blueberry Mint, what could go wrong right?!?!

When I got home I quickly placed it into the freezer as the direction stated that it was better to drink it chilled- now it’s time for the taste!!! So…what did it taste like? Well- NOT exactly like what I expected…let’s just say…I tasted the mint and NO blueberry!!!

Hey…where is the juice from 12 blueberries in every bottle they promised?

This is definitely an acquired taste my friends. Would I purchase this flavor again? Absolutely Not!!!

Click on the video for my honest review!

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