Pretend Play Makeup Set Review

Let me just say, I wasn’t expecting much from a kid’s makeup kit, but this little kit far exceeded my expectations! First- it’s completely pretend with fake makeup toys made from EVA foam, rubber and quality cases. No liquid or chemical substance to apply to my daughter’s sensitive skin.

I picked up this makeup set for my daughter simply because I was tired of her playing around in my stuff (lol)!!! Everyday it was a battle trying to apply my lipstick and mascara and keeping her busy while doing this.

This pretend makeup kit comes well packaged in a pretty pink box with a suggested age of 3 plus. Once I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful little pink purse and many little realistic pieces included: a cute pink handbag, sunglasses, pretend lipstick, blusher, eye-shadow, powder, makeup brushes, glitters, nail polish, mascara, giftcard! Everything necessary for play dress up!

The handbag included with this kit comes with adjustable straps and has 2 zippered sections and is perfect for storing the many makeup pieces or perfect for heading out on the town (haha)!

We have had this now for several days and my daughter has played with this kit everyday. In my OPINION.. this is a total MUST HAVE for any little girl! This Set is Completely Fake Yet Looks and Feels Real! No Mess and No Coloring, just Pretend Play Fun!

Click this link to purchase this kit: (Gift In The Box- Pretend Play Makeup Set)

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