BULKY or DISCREET New Year’s Celebration Wearing An ADULT DIAPER

Being Incontinent or having to wear an adult diaper for whatever REASON it may be (judgement FREE ZONE) doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate BIG EVENTS or live an ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. I decided to test the discreetness of a big bulky ABDL DIAPER so I went with Rearz Lil Monster! This plastic backed diaper has a playful baby theme with an absorption capacity of 3700ml. Okay girl (back on the subject)…if you’re following this blog I’m NOT an ABDL nor do I wear diapers; however, I don’t judge anyone who does!

This video is a Tryon wearing an elegant gown with a BIG BULKY DIAPER! Right away I knew I needed to go for major compression so I decided to wear 2 fitted bike shorts over the diaper. I believe the bike shorts did a really FANTASTIC job with keeping the diaper DISCREET. Watch the video below and drop your thoughts in the comment section – is it Discreet?

Click the link to find this product!

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