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Should I TELL FAMILY or FRIENDS I wear ADULT DIAPERS? Wearing Adult Diapers and should you tell family and friends – and the best time?

Many viewers are telling me they are having a hard time finding a partner due to wearing a diaper! So…in this video I ask my sister the question- “Would you ever wear a diaper or date someone who wears a diaper?”

Have you thought about purchasing Tykables Puppers ABDL diapers? These all around abdl diapers are really absorbent, with standing leak guards and a hook and loop closure- click the link below to watch my review:-)

I finally did a science test on these ABDL DIAPERS! This is Rearz Lil’ Monster which is a complete protection Incontinence Brief. These have an 8 hour protection with a 3700 ml capacity- that’s right folks you heard right. This video is a 15 cups testing absorbency video.

HOW I MADE THIS CUTE DIAPER! Today’s video is a TUTORIAL on how to convert an ADULT DIAPER into a cute “adult baby diaper”!

*** Supplies 1 adult disposable diaper, Training pants Parents Choice size 3t/4t (used in this video) and glue spray

Recent Upload: My First Time In An ABDL STORE! Today I toured an ABDL STORE, Changing Times Diaper Company is an exclusive ABDL DIAPER and accessories store where you can find BIG BULKY PLASTIC adult diapers and adult onesies, bottles and dummies! #ABDL #DIAPERS #ADULTDIAPERS